General Terms of Use

As you navigate each part of this website, you will notice that a lot of information will be passed across. Most of the information provided on the site can be important to you, to us and the goal of the Global Education Program (G.E.P). Essential terms of use will guide navigation across this site. If there is a need to breach the terms of use of this site, please refrain from the use of the website. Using this website means you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

About us

The Global Education Program members run our site across G.E.P divisions. The divisions established in the 90s are located in countries in which this programme is laid out namely Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia, San Francisco, Oakland, and California.

Accessing our site

  • To access the G.E.P website, one will require authorization, which will be on a temporary basis. This changes in the case of the Global Education Programme wishes to change its courses of action at any time. We are not to be held responsible in the case the site goes unavailable at any time.
  • Occasionally, we might restrict access to any some parts of the site, the whole website to any users that will be registered to us.
  • In the case, you will have access to our site, passwords and usernames shall be treated with a lot of privacy and confidentiality. In the situation, there are suspicious activities in your account. We shall have no choice but to restrict access or block account.
  • By sharing your internet connection with someone else, ensure he or she knows and complies with the terms of use of our site.

Content From User

In case you make a contribution to our program in the form of data, texts, images or media you are required to :

  • Provide license we have handed to you as stipulated by our terms and agreements.
  • Whatever information that you will disseminate should not in any way breach our copyright, privacy and confidentiality rights, trademarks, proprietary and personality rights.
  • The user content concerning terms of license should not provide false information, unfair collected data about the education systems of the various G.E.P divisions. The mission is clear, and a slight beach could injure the goals of the Global Education Programme.
  • User content needs to be clear and accurate; information that contributes to the improvement of education systems in the countries shelved under the Global Education programme.
  • The material should not in any way cause harm to the web page through forms such as Trojans, viruses and logic bombs or any harmful tech modes.

User Licence

By providing us with the license to user content, you have offered us full access to any information that pertains to and is of use to our educational improvement and development programmes.

With access to your user license, we are not restricted to use any content offered to us. We can alter, disseminate, publicize or distribute or publishing and handle the details of your content.

Using your information does not guarantee us the need of affecting copyright on your work. However, you intentionally, unchain any moral rights that bind the content to you for our full use.

Site intellectual property rights

Unless our site states otherwise, we possess and license all intellectual property rights, database rights, copyrights, proprietary rights confidentiality rights in our site. All rights above are reserved.

By accessing this site, you agree to all the terms of use as stated above, from access to sight, user content guidelines, user content license guidelines, site intellectual property rights, and many other conditions the site may layout for use.

You can only divulge any sensitive information about this site just under the command of a court order or a regulatory body. Contrary to this, all the information that we share with you about sensitive educational development programs has to be kept confidential.

Do not in any way use our information without necessary permission and licensing from us.

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