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Since 1999, G.E.P. has been working with Tanzanian communities to solve these issues. What have we accomplished together so far?

We have raised over $8,000 in educational resources for at-risk children and youth in 8 primary and secondary schools in Tanzania through our Educational Resource Development Program (ERDP).

"Teachers and parents of this school had no experience of working in cooperation with other institutions like yours. G.E.P. has educated us on how to work in cooperation with other institutions and we want to tell you that we are now qualified in it."
- John Singaro, Head Teacher at Kizara Primary School

We have taught entrepreneurship, work readiness and computer skills to over 150 students through our Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP)

"The training helped me a lot because I was in a situation of not knowing what to do. Now I am in a hopeful situation of doing a small business which is enough to support my young brother and sisters.
- Salome Stephan, EETP graduate

We have awarded over $3,500 to 38 small businesses through our Venture Capital Program, including general stores, small farms, a stationery store, and a tailoring business.

We have conducted 6 workshops since Fall of 1999 to Tanzanian community leaders, parents and teachers in such topics as Interactive Use of Textbooks, Capacity-Building, and Girls' Education.

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