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Most low-income youth in the San Francisco Bay Area have limited opportunities to learn the skills required to succeed in high-wage employment later in life, have very little access to mentors in professional positions, and are locked out of new advances in technology, such as the Internet. In the Bay Area, G.E.P. offers the Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP), a unique training program for low-income high school students that integrates all of the major skill areas required to pursue and attain high-wage jobs.

The students who participate in the EETP are truly disadvantaged. At Fremont High School in Oakland, a typical EETP site, 40% of the students are African American and 44% are Hispanic. Of these students, 58% are on welfare, 79% live in single-parent households, and 23% are under juvenile court supervision. At Castlemont High School, also in Oakland and site of one of the current EETP's, in a class of 25 students only one student had prepared a resume before the EETP, not one student had ever used the Internet, and only one student had a computer at home

In addition to these challenging odds, there are major shifts taking place in the workplace that present additional obstacles to low-income youth in their efforts to play a legitimate role in our economy. For an outline of the skills that G.E.P. teaches to disadvantaged youth in the EETP to address these issues, go to Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program

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