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Student Perceptions of the EETP

On average, students have rated the overall program 5.57 on a scale of 6. Students conveyed their perceptions of the program in these short essays:

According to Moniqua Graham, participant in the Castlemont High School EETP:
--- Being that I want to be an Entrepreneur, I feel that this program will help me not only set my goal(s) but also achieve them. The reality that the program has taught me is that it is not easy to have your own business. To run an efficient business you have to put in long strenuous hours of work and sometimes research. Trial and error is something that every entrepreneur faces when going into business for themselves...The trip to Nia Corporation was nice because I found out that the president was a black man. It always makes me feel good to see a person of my same ethnic background in a position of power, because I know I'll be in a position like that someday.

According to another student in the EETP at Castlemont High School, Veronica Ochoa:
--- The program showed me that I could get along with a lot of people and not have problems with people of different cultures. Talking about different cultures I have really learned a lot of the culture of the African people, it showed me that even if people live in different cultures people still have a lot of things in common with all the cultures around the world. Like me I used to have a lot of problems with the African-American students but then I found out that WE all have something in common with each other that is self respect and also respect for different cultures when we find out what people are all about.

Rosa García of the EETP (offered in collaboration with the Oakland Unified School District's Office of School to Career Programs) writes:
--- This program helped me realize and understand that it is not easy to run a business. It taught me about how to prepare a business plan, and that you have to do a lot of work and not rush things so that your business can work. I also got to know and meet other students from different schools and businesses and other countries....I really enjoyed the program because it was exciting and interesting and it gave me an opportunity to work on computers and write to penpals from other countries.

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