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Since 1995, G.E.P. has been working with Kenyan communities to solve these issues. So far, we have accomplished the following together:

We have raised over $119,000 in educational resources for low-income children and youth in over 130 primary and secondary schools in Kenya through our Educational Resource Development Program (ERDP).

"We are glad to be associated with G.E.P. Their unique way of doing things has enabled us achieve a lot. First books and now desks. I am happy to say that we parents feel proud because our efforts to provide for our children are evident. I hope the children will also play their part in ensuring that they do well in their examinations and have better life than what we have".
-Mr. Mwandairo, Parents Association Chairman of Mwamunga Primary School

We have taught entrepreneurship, work readiness and computer skills to over 550 students through our Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP)

"I thank G.E.P. staff very much for allowing me to be with them and acquire the EETP skills. I am happy because G.E.P. is helping both the able and the disabled and this is an encouragement. We, the disabled have always felt marginalised. I hope GEP will continue helping us so that we become employable and self-reliant."
-Wandela, EETP student

We have awarded over $4,000 in increments of $150 to over 25 small businesses through our Venture Capital Program, including general stores, small dairies, a chicken ranch, and a bee keeping project.

We have conducted 7 workshops since Fall of 1999 to Kenyan community leaders, parents and teachers in such topics as Interactive Use of Textbooks, Capacity-Building, and Girls' Education.

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