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What We Have Accomplished

Since 1999, G.E.P. has been working with Indonesian communities to solve these issues. What have we accomplished together so far?

We have raised over $19,000 in educational resources for at-risk children and youth in over 130 primary and secondary schools in Indonesia through our Educational Resource Development Program (ERDP).

We have taught entrepreneurship, work readiness and computer skills to over 110 students through our Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP)

G.E.P. in my country is very good, it gives education for the young generation which isn't included in the school curriculum. I received benefits from G.E.P. which I can apply in my community and daily life.

- Endang Subekti, former EETP student and G.E.P. intern

We have awarded over $1000 to 8 small businesses through our Venture Capital Program, including bamboo craft sales, snack stands, a goat breeding project, and a private tutoring program for primary school students.

We have conducted 6 workshops since Fall of 1999 to Indonesian community leaders, parents and teachers in such topics as Interactive Use of Textbooks, Capacity-Building, and Girls' Education.

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