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What We Have Accomplished

Since 1996, G.E.P. has been working with Guatemalan communities to solve these issues. So far, we have accomplished the following together:

We have raised over $21,000 in educational resources for low-income children and youth in over 50 primary and secondary schools in Guatemala through our Educational Resource Development Program (ERDP).

"There are few institutions which help communities in this way. G.E.P. staff not only provided economic support, but they also helped us to organize. This was a really good project because we were able to discover a strengths and become a close community".
-Juan Chan Prez, president of the La Fuente Community Project Committee and ERDP Beneficiary.

We have taught entrepreneurship, work readiness and computer skills to over 400 students through our Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP)

"The information they gave us was very important, in that I learned how to better myself and develop in the business world. Now I know how to create the foundation and administration of a business."
-Mara Morales Rodrguez, EETP student

We have awarded over $1,000 to 5 small businesses through our Venture Capital Program, including general stores, clothing sales and food stands.

We have conducted 3 workshops since Fall of 1999 to Guatemalan community leaders, parents and teachers in such topics as Interactive Use of Textbooks, Capacity-Building, and Girls' Education.

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