Teacher Training
Teacher Training Workshops

As a complement to its resource projects and youth-training programs, G.E.P. offers a variety of interactive workshops: In the US (SF-Bay Area) - G.E.P. is planning to launch a series of workshops for educators using our entrepreneurship and job-skills curriculum, From Vision to Action. These workshops will enable our partners to make the best use of this educational resource in and out of the classroom. Please check this page for future updates. Internationally - G.E.P.'s international divisions offer a variety of workshops to the low-income communities we serve. While focusing on a range of organizational, teaching, and social skills, the underlying purposes of these workshops are the same: to foster long-term relationships between G.E.P. and all its partners, so that development becomes a process founded on mutual trust, rather than an event with no larger context; to encourage schools and communities to take control of - and responsibility for--- the planning and implementation of future projects; to demonstrate how to reach out to other NGOs, government agencies, and potential partners, in a widening circle of communication and resource-sharing.

Student-Centered Learning Workshops

These workshops build on the success of the Educational Resources Development Program (ERDP). Once a school has raised funds in partnership with G.E.P. to purchase textbooks and/or other educational resources, we provide a forum for learning how to use these resources effectively. Rote memorization and traditional l earning methods are the norm at most schools in the developing world. Students are discouraged from analyzing problems and making decisions. By shifting the focus away from the teacher and towards a learner-centered environment, pupils can exercise the creativity and problem-solving skills needed to compete in the modern workplace.

Girls' Education Workshops

Young women in our partner communities face a number of social and logistical obstacles to their education. From widespread sexual abuse and teen pregnancy to the daily round of back-breaking domestic chores, girls are at a disadvantage from the first day of primary school. They must compete for space and attention at poorly-equipped learning facilities--- amid the prevailing belief that money spent on a girl's education is wasted, because her most important task is to marry and bear children. G.E.P.'s Girls' Education Workshops address these problems confronting female pupils. Our staff works with teachers, administrators, and local officials to define the issue of gender bias in the classroom, and to consider the best ways to combat it.

Capacity-Building Workshops

To complement our resource projects and teacher training, G.E.P. strives to involve the entire community in planning for sustained improvements in education. This "capacity building" means strengthening the capability--- not only of educators, but of administrators and local officials as well--- to work together toward specific educational goals. We encourage and assist participants to draft a multi-year School Development Plan (SDP). Each SDP is based on concrete targets and realistic action steps. At every stage of the process, the community focuses on "P/R/T": meaning the Persons involved, their various Responsibilities, and the Timeline they will follow. Essentially, this capacity-building provides G.E.P.'s rural partners with a chance to crest the waves of successive development, rather than being swamped or stagnated in a single approach to the problem.

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