Teacher Training
Module One
Module Two
Module Three
Module Four
Module 2: How to Start and Operate a Socially Responsible Business

Chapter 6, The Right Idea and the Right Partner

  • Lesson 1: The Idea-Dreaming Big
  • Lesson 2: The Right Partner
  • Lesson 3: Matching Your Idea with Your Business Partner
  • Global Connection: Creating Sensible Partnerships
  • Using What You Learned: Questions and Projects

    Chapter 7, Community and Business: Exploring Social Responsibility

  • Lesson 1: Community-The Bedrock of Good Business
  • Lesson 2: Adapting Your Business Idea to the Community that You Want to Serve
  • Lesson 3: Case Study: The Body Shop-A Business with Values
  • Lesson 4: Designing and Implementing a Service Project in Your Community
  • Global Connection: Ghana: Listening Before You Help
  • Using What You Learned: Questions and Projects

    Chapter 8, Marketing

  • Lesson 1: Three Key Strategy Questions and the Four P's of Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Case Study: A Marketing Success Story-Promoting and Advertising the WNBA
  • Lesson 3: Conducting Market Research
  • Lesson 4: Promotion and Advertising
  • Lesson 5: The Eight Rules of Selling
  • Global Connection: The Benefits and Dangers of Targeting Cultural Groups with Marketing
  • Using What You Learned: Questions and Projects

    Chapter 9, Making It Your Business: Operations

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Operations of a Business
  • Lesson 2: Case Study: Analyzing the Root Causes of Operations Problems
  • Lesson 3: Creating Customer Service Policies
  • Global Connection: Exploring How International Laws Affect Business Operations
  • Using What You Learned: Questions and Projects

    Chapter 10, Show Me the Money: Financial Projections and Finding Funding

  • Lesson 1: Case Study: Financial Projections for the Knight's Cafe Student-Run Business
  • Lesson 2: Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Lesson 3: Communicating Your Business Idea
  • Lesson 4: Finding the Time: The Life of a Youth Entrepreneur
  • Global Connection: Understanding the Global Economy
  • Using What You Learned: Questions and Projects

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