Teacher Training
G.E.P. Programs

Educational Resource Development Program (ERDP) - Schools in low-income, rural communities determine the resources they need and raise 50% of the funds required. G.E.P. facilitates this process, and supplies the matching 50% from U.S. donors.

Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP) - Low-income youth learn entrepreneurship skills, work readiness skills, computer skills and skills for the global marketplace in this 12 to 14-week program.

Follow-Up Services (FUS) - Follow-Up Services provides graduates of the EETP with additional assistance in the areas of work readiness, small business development, peer education and youth grantmaking.

Teacher-Training Workshops - Designed for communities that have completed an ERDP, these workshops provide additional information in the areas of capacity building, interactive use of textbooks and girls' education.

Curriculum - Our newly completed entrepreneurship and work readiness curriculum, From Vision to Action, is now available for use by schools and community organizations worldwide to implement their own entrepreneurship and work-readiness programs.

Enterprises - G.E.P.'s current enterprises include the sale of imported handicrafts from Kenya and Guatemala, greeting cards made from student artwork, and our annual Partnership Safari to East Africa.

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