Global Education Partnership, Education and Workshops

The Global Education Partnership is made up of visionaries, development professionals, business persons, members of the academia and well who are in a quest to support the UN in promoting education. GEPs believe that education will be integral to the economic growth and sustainability of countries across the globe. The countries, states or members of the Global Educational Partnership come from Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala, California, Indonesia, name them.

The mission of enabling youth acquire essential business and Information Technology skills is made possible through G.E.P organizing and taking part in events and workshops across the globe. These events and workshops are as listed below:

The 13th edition of eLearning Africa

The Global Education Partnership intends to take part in the thirteenth edition of eLearning Africa. The The conference is scheduled to take part in Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali from 26 to 28 September 2018. The meeting will be under the stewardship of the Rwanda Convention Bureau in coordination with ICWE GmbH and overseen by the government of Rwanda.

This event revolves around the development of Information and Computer Technology initiatives aimed at being used by the government to spearhead education systems for both teachers and learners. Not only will this event directly impact the goal of the G.E.P, but it will also put Rwanda on the world map but has already earned it the title the Innovation City of Africa which directly and positively affects its economic growth and sustainability due to ICT enhanced education systems.

Investing in knowledge sharing to advance SDG 4

The Global Education Partnership will also have its representatives attend the UN General Assembly. This event will take place on 24th September at the Asia Society. On this day, attendees will be getting a report titled Investing in knowledge sharing for the development of Sustainable Development Goal 4. Members of the education fraternity will be able to use the information to formulate a framework for developing programmes important in improving education for economic growth and sustainable development in various Asian countries.

The Global Education Partnership Commission will take part in the establishment of the Global Education Center at the Asian Society, the Education commission’s recommendation, World Innovation Summit for Education. All these aimed at creating ways of sharing knowledge for a more similar educational system aimed at helping any country train its workforce for current and future economic plans.

2018 International Research Conference

This event will take part between 16, 17 and 18 September 2018. The event will be held at UC Davis and will mainly involve students in this case graduates. The Global Affairs will host the event. The Global Education Partnership will use this platform to reach out to graduates to push ahead its plans of preparing the trained for a smooth transition to the world of work.

Students will be involved in the poster presentations, plenary sessions, TED-type talks, networking with funding agencies, community organizations, industries, educational discipline bodies, and mentors. The International Research Conference aims to educate the student on international research, enlighten on research for global development and connecting students with other people could be mentors, businesspersons, leaders, researchers, and career personnel from all over the world.

At the end of it all, the students should be able to absorb new realities in both politics and finance, develop and sustain their research networks, be able to carry out research on their own on international basis aimed at promoting good education systems for a sustainable economy.

The Uniserv International Education Fair

This international education fair is going take place in some countries, which are divisions to the Global Education Partnerships. In the mission to make the youth innovative, IT and business savvy, the G.E.P also feels the need to make people employable in any part of the world. In this case, the Uniserv in coordination with education institutions, education professionals, business people and the involvement of various governments is working towards enabling students to study abroad.

The G.E.P through various forms of support takes part in this discussions to prepare students for studying outside their countries of origin. This program helps bridge the skills gap in countries by being able to fill students with skills essential in the running and taking part in the various development sectors of their countries.

This event will happen from 10th to 17 September in Mombasa, Eldoret, and Nairobi in Kenya and Kampala in Uganda. These venues have scheduled from 10 am to 5 pm EAT as per the Uniserv International Education Fair.

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