PBSís "Visionaries" television program featuring G.E.P. is currently being aired nationwide. Entitled "Shilling for Shilling," this episode highlights G.E.P.ís work and the vision of its founder, Tony Silard. The program will be shown throughout the year on PBS stations across the U.S.

The documentary was filmed in rural Kenya and Tanzania, where G.E.P. has two branch offices. The story is a moving account of Tonyís vision when he started G.E.P., and the impact of the organization on local schools and communities. Against a vibrant backdrop of East African landscapes and music, viewers watch Tonyís dream take shape. The video highlights G.E.P.ís Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Program (EETP), and illustrates the difference quality education and access to capital can make in young peopleís lives.

Specific dates and times for different areas will be posted on the Visionaries homepage. Visitors should click on the far left link, "The Visionaries Public Television Series." If you do not find any details on this program in your area, please call your local PBS station to request more information. The program will be aired repeatedly throughout the year, so please check again if you do not find a current listing. Copies of the video are also available for sale; please contact G.E.P. for details.







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