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Global Education Partnership (G.E.P.) Adds

Instant Online Donation Ability to its Website


Donate Online facility allows G.E.P. to accept online credit card donations


November 10, 2002: Global Education Partnership announces a new feature on its Website. Using the link, Global Education Partnership is able to receive credit card donations directly through its website. At least 112 million people are using the Internet all over the world, and the number of Internet users is still rapidly growing today. The Donate Online facility will open up a large new audience of supporters.


Global Education Partnership expects that this new audience of donors will help to further G.E.P.ís mission of providing access to educational resources that increase the capacity of young people to become employable and self-reliant in the global marketplace.


"We are a non-profit organization," said Ed Marcum of Global Education Partnership. "We rely upon the support of contributors. The Donate Online facility provides a fast and easy way for current and new individual donors to support our work."


Visitors to the Global Education Partnership website can simply click on the Donate Online link on the top right hand corner and immediately be taken to a customized donation page. This page uses the newest secure server technology which guarantees that credit card donations through this system are safe, secure, and private.

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